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Redaxscript – WordPress Alternative

Redaxscript is a lightweight WordPress alternative that deserves a look, it’s free, open-source, and certainly has potential! Check it out!

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Creating an HTML5 Form Using the New Form Types


In this tutorial, we walk you through step-by-step to create your own HTML5 and CSS3 form while you learn about the new form types introduced in HTML5.

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7 Tools to Have by Your Side When Web Designing


We all have our favorite tools open by our sides when we begin bringing a new creation to life. Now we are not talking about having Photoshop or Fireworks open as those are on most of our lists, instead, we are talking about some great hidden gems you may have not discovered yet. With that said, we dive straight into seven great tools to have by your side when web designing.

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Why Web Design Sources Help Inspire Design Professionals


We discuss several key reasons as to why web design sources such as blogs and inspirational portfolios help inspire design professionals.

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Tips to Designing Usable and Friendly Web Forms


Creating and designing awesome friendly and usable forms should not be as hard as it seems to be today. Designing forms is all about simplicity and usability. The easier it is to understand what the form asks for, the easier it is to fill out. With that said, we discuss some great tips that will help you design some awesome usable and friendly web forms.

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10 Recommended WordPress Alternatives for Web Designers


Wordpress has to be one of the most popular choices among many including the design and development industry. There is no doubt why it is popular today, it is very flexible and contains countless amounts of modifications and themes readily available for download. However, despite the great features of Wordpress, there are many other great alternatives that might suffice your needs better than Wordpress itself. With that said, we cover 10 recommended alternatives to Wordpress.

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Reasons Why Web Designers Should Volunteer


Volunteering is a great idea for anyone in any industry. For some, volunteering can be easy, especially in the design and development industry, while for others, it may take quite the effort. Furthermore, volunteering is a healthy habit to take as it reflects your image as a whole and helps spread the word about your services to many interested candidates. With all that in mind, we discuss several key reasons as to why web designers should volunteer.

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Why Web Designers Should Take More Importance in Typography


Typography is the key to displaying information whether on the web or not. Many web designers tend to overlook the typography area and focus more on their overall design while ignoring it altogether. With that in mind, the website design ends up looking incomplete, where the layout looks great, but the typography is very difficult to work with. Furthermore, we discuss several key reasons as to why typography is an important factor in web design, and how web designers should take more importance into it.

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WINNERS of Invoicera 5 Preferred Packages Giveaway


Thanks to Invoicera for sponsoring this month’s giveaway of who offered a great $300 dollar value worth of free stuff! Winners have been announced!

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Best Javascript Practices Every Developer Should Know


Javascript is used all over the web and we all end up bumping into it every now and then. Surprisingly, many unhealthy Javascript practices still exist today, and it is mainly the cause of developers not really wanting to learn Javascript in depth, and rather want to get the job done to continue with their work. With that said, we dive straight into the best Javascript practices every developer should know.

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Great Tips to Getting Your Design Approved By Clients


Clientele come in all different types of flavors, difficult, easy to work with, or a combination of the two. Often times we find ourselves spending a lot of time and effort on a design for a client only to result negatively in where they require a set of modifications to it before they would consider it. Other times they would disapprove of major portions of the design, or the design altogether. Such rejections are definitely frustrating and not something we really want to see happening too often. With that said, we cover some great tips to help get your designs approved by clientele straight away.

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