10 Recommended WordPress Alternatives for Web Designers

Wordpress has to be one of the most popular choices among many including the design and development industry. There is no doubt why it is popular today, it is very flexible and contains countless amounts of modifications and themes readily available for download. However, despite the great features of WordPress, there are many other great alternatives that might suffice your needs better than WordPress itself. With that said, we cover 10 recommended alternatives to WordPress.

Expression Engine

expression engine

Expression engine is a great alternative to WordPress and is used by many publishers. It has all the features you need to empower your blogging needs including some great features you may not find in WordPress. The only downside to the Expression Engine is it has a quite steep price which might not warrant its usage when you have free alternatives.



If you ever wanted a quick managed blog, Tumblr might be the one you are looking for. I personally gave Tumblr a whirl and thought it was a great service for a good 3rd party hosted service if you are looking for a blog to post rather than worry about all the other liabilities that may come with it. Tumblr is simple and just recently implemented a commenting system, but it appears to have become popular for some businesses now, as they do not need to worry about crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s.



I have followed the Drupal project since it was in its early stages. While I did not like the project initially, it has come a long way since then, and has become one of the leaders in its industry to the extent where many jobs available require Drupal experience. My point is, it has become a great candidate and alternative to WordPress, and a bit more lightweight for those who are searching for something different.



If you are looking for a really simple content management system without the cost of flexibility and usability, GetSimple might be the solution you may be looking for. It is free so giving It a try will not cost you a dime.

Text Pattern


Text Pattern CMS is actually quite nice in terms of the features it packs while keeping its overall appearance and functionality simple. It is definitely a tool I recommend for those interested in flexibility but want to be different from everyone else in terms of what their site is powered by. Looking at its available extensions, I definitely think it is a viable alternative, and I can see why it is a recommended one.



Cushy CMS is quite cushy if you can afford it. Like Tumblr, it is a 3rd party hosted service with rather limiting features for their free version. I can see why it is a recommended alternative; however, it can be costly, so a different alternative might be a better choice.



Melody is a great open source alternative for those who are really interested in design flexibility. It is actually a great system to start with and build upon without all that extra load you may see in WordPress. It is an open source project which means it is free to download and try, and definitely worth a shot.



If you are looking for a real delicious looking alternative, Symphony might be it. It is a free alternative and contains some great features you will need to empower on your blogging needs. The backend however seems pretty simple, so you will not get a backend similar to that of WordPress.



If WordPress is not quick enough for you in terms of publishing, Posterous could be your answer. Everything is managed for you, all you need to really do is just blog or publish some great content. Like Cushy, it is a 3rd party hosted service, however it is free and definitely a viable alternative.



Croogo is very similar to WordPress so a transition over to it would be quite easy. The only two downsides I see in Croogo is that it does not have many available plugins or themes to be able to immediately extend it, and that it is based on the CakePHP framework. Some people like CakePHP others do not, I personally am on the latter side as I personally think CakePHP is a bit too much overall. Nevertheless, you would not be working directly with CakePHP anyway, so CakePHP is something you might want to give a shot.

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